Aquafresh Pearl Water Purifier

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Rs.14,500.00 Rs.8,550.00

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  1. Purification capacity: 15 liters / hour*
  2. Max Duty Cycle: 200 liters / Day*
  3. Storage Tank Capacity: 8.5 liters.
  4. Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Activated Carbon
  5. RO Membrane: 1812-75 GDP Filmtech (Made in USA)
  6. TDS Adjustable: Total Device of Solid Adjustable
  7. UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt (Philips)
  8. Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 0.3 kg/sq cm2
  9. Input Voltage: 160-300 volts AC (50Hz)
  10. Operating Voltage: 24 volts DC
  11. Input water Temperature: Minimum 5 Celsius and Maximum 50 Celsius
  12. Dimensions (m.m.): L 395, W 256, H 551
  13. Notes: Any Water Ground Water and Supply Water Your Home Made From Bisleri, Kinley & Aqua Fina Quality.
  14. Standard Warranty: One Year on Parts and Labour and All Type Fliter Cartridges.
  15. Net Weight: 10.5 Kg.
  1. Wall mount cum Counter top Aqua Pearl.
  2. Flushing system to eliminate impurities and increase membrane life.
  3. In-built Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) for erratic voltage supply.
  4. Completely automatic water level cut-off with Auto start/off.
  5. Filter all source of water e.g. under ground water, bore-well, overhead storage tank and municipal tap water etc.
  6. Push – fit Connectors for leak proof performance and long lasting life.


Aqua Pearl Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers that you can get for your home and office. It has the capacity of filtering 200 litres of water in a day and 15 litres of water in an hour. Aqua Pearl’s filter cartridges include sediment and activated carbon, thus making the water absolutely clean and safe for consuming.

The best part about Aqua Pearl is that you don’t have to worry about the space because it can be mounted on the wall as well as placed on a shelf, also it weighs just 10.5 Kg. it also has an automatic cut-off when the purified water is full in the tank.