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  1. Water Filtering Capacity capacity: 12-15 liters / hour*
  2. Max Duty Cycle: 120 liters / Day*
  3. Storage Tank: 8 liters.
  4. Purification Stages: 1) Pre-Candle, 2) Sediment, 3) Activated Carbon, 4) RO, 5) UF, and 6) Iron Remover.
  5. RO Membrane: 1812-75 GPD
  6. UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt
  7. Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 0.3 kg/sq cm
  8. Max. Inlet water Pressure: 2 kg/sq cm ( if input water pressure is more than 2kg/sq cm , install PRV before the Unit)
  9. Input Voltage: 160-300 volts AC (50Hz)
  10. Operating Voltage: 24 volts DC
  11. Input water Temperature: Minimum 5 Celsius and Maximum 50 Celsius
  12. Dimensions (m.m.): Length 415 Width 265 Hieght 524
  13. Net Weight: 9.4 kilograms
  14. Power rating: 40W
  1. Wall mount cum Counter top Aquafresh Dolphin RO water filter.
  2. RO + UV Technology with TDS Minimiser method.
  3. It contains Anti-bacteria 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner and Activated Carbon to make shelf last longer and increase the taste of water.
  4. Fully Automatic working.
  5. UV measuring device that blinks when UV lamp is not in function.
  6. Built-in storage tank capacity: 8 liters with purified water level indicator.
  7. To flush out impurities and make membrane life last longer, it has Flushing systes.
  8. In-built Switch Mode Power Supply to operate from 120~280 volts AC for erratic voltage supply.
  9. Fully automatic and sock proof water level cut-off with Auto-start and off.


Aquafresh Dolphin RO has a water storage tank of eight litres with the purifying capacity of 120 litres in a day, thus, it is a perfect RO for residential use. The add-on factor in this RO includes its six stage purification which removes the impurities in the water to the core, but at the same time retains the good taste of the water.

Aquafresh Dolphin RO water purifier weighs just 9.4 Kg with dimensions 415*265*524 m.m, thus making it very handy. It does not consume much electricity and also has a power rating of 40W. It can also retain water temperature of minimum 5 Celsius and maximum 50 Celsius.


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